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The ability to focus and give maximum attention to any endeavor is crucial, especially in business. Distractions are always lurking around looking to shift attention from hitting the bulls eye in business. Distractions can be very subtle, and are like green snakes on green grass. If one is not careful, they can get bitten in the process. If not treated immediately, can be fatal to businesses and can lead to untimely death.


One of the subtle distractions that plague small businesses in Nigeria is the pursuit of money i.e. the get rich quick syndrome. Because businesses want to make quick money or make money so they don't feel their effort is wasted or make money fast to sustain the business, soon money begins to play the pipers tune that business owners begin to dance to. After a while they soon find out that the pursuit of money has caused them to compromise on the core of their business, and if not corrected immediately they become redundant, without value and they soon wither.

While I agree that ensuring a consistent cash flow and revenue stream is important in business, it should not be the deciding factor in making key business decisions.Especially at the early stages of your business, you must stay true to its core. If you can focus on your business objectives daily and avoid distractions, in no time you will achieve the vision you wrote down. Money will begin to pursue your business instead.

As long as you are in the right business, and you are operating a good business model, stay focused on the core of your business, change strategies where necessary. But avoid the money distraction from enticing offers especially when it begins to distract you from the original idea of your business. Even though the money maybe slow in coming in, be patient and remain focused, in no short time, it will begin to pursue your business. Don't let the craze for money cause you to compromise on the core of your business.

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